These little nuggets of knowledge are dedicated to various aspects of the topic of sustainability. They only represent a small section of this complex topic and are the result of impulses that the project team has received in the course of its work.

They are not organised in a hierarchical order and can be read and worked on in different sequences.

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It’s Earth Day again!

An opportunity to recognise the uniqueness of our planet and to take the beauty and vulnerability of our planet as an opportunity to get involved.

Start with a few guessing questions in our quiz!



It´s time to act!

As far as we know, Earth is the only planet where life has been found. We have a big responsibility to protect and guard this treasure. Now is the time to wake up and act.

Nature takes care of you

Why should you go to nature? Because nature cares, nurtures and heals you. According to researches nature-based activity and spending time in nature has many benefits in terms of health and well-being.

Cherish the diversity of nature!

Humans have affected the Earth in many ways. In addition to climate change, we have environmental pollution and loss of nature as a challenge. We are talking about an ecological (= planetary) triple crisis. These three interconnected challenges threaten even the future of us humans, which is ironic in itself, because we have caused this planetary crisis by our own actions.

Resource Smart Office

A “resource smart office” typically refers to an office that optimizes the use of resources such as energy, water, materials, and space to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and minimize environmental impact. This lifehack focuses mainly on minimizing material and in this case, paper use. Additionally, you will find some other environmental friendly tips for a more sustainable office work.

Paperless Office

The concept of a paperless
office refers to a workplace where the use of paper is significantly reduced
and replaced by digital documents and processes. There are many benefits for
paperless office such as: environmental benefits, efficiency, cost savings,
accessibility and security.

Welcome to see a short video, produced by media stuents of Kpedu, The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland.

The garbage thing

Have you ever made a serious attempt to reduce waste? In the paperless office, you might. But at home, doing the weekly shopping? That was more of a challenge. And then there’s the ZeroWaste concept. How can this help you in your efforts to avoid waste?

Developing conscious consumer behaviour

This lifehack is about what it means to develop conscious purchasing behaviour. It presents some numbers that made us think and illustrate the necessity to think about our consumer behaviour because this is precisely the means by which each individual has the opportunity to make live more sustainable and thus contribute to the well-being of all.

See if you too can gain a new perspective on things – by reading and trying things out.

Let´s go to flea market!

World population growth increases the demand for raw materials and other resources. However, there are only a limited number of key raw materials. We get to know the circular economy with the students by visiting a flea market.

What is the circular economy?

What does it mean to think and act in this way – and how can engagement with the circular economy contribute to the development of green skills?

Sustainable Aspects of Lunches

Find out what sustainable things there are to discover around our lunches. We will be focussing primarily on lunches that we pack and prepare ourselves. But of course, the topic of “sustainable lunches” is also informative for restaurant diners and canteen visitors.

Dive into it!

Make a plastic-free wrap!

Beeswax wrap is a pure natural product and an ecological alternative to plastic wrap.

Try it out!

Our Footprints on the Earth

In just a few minutes you can learn here what a footprint is and how to measure it.

This is important because it creates awareness and empowers us to make informed choices and take action.

Let’s measure our footprints, and get more valuable sustainable tips!

Reflect yourself

Take 5 minutes and think about the role that sustainable thinking and action plays in your everyday life.

For this purpose, use the short self-check here. As a result, you will see whether you are more of a sustainable newcomer, an advanced beginner or already a sustainable expert.

In any case, please, feel invited to contact us and learn together with us!

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are an universal agenda to promote economic prosperity, social justice and environmental protection by 2030.

Learn more about them and their importance for global development.

Enjoy learning!

What is meant by “Sustainability”?

The term is on everyone’s lips and generally we have a more or less rough idea of what it means.

Learn more about the meaning of the term with its different dimensions.

Enjoy learning!