What is meant by “Sustainability”?

The term is on everyone’s lips and generally we have a more or less rough idea of what it means.

Learn more about the meaning of the term with its different dimensions.

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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are an universal agenda to promote economic prosperity, social justice and environmental protection by 2030.

Learn more about them and their importance for global development.

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Reflect yourself

Take 5 minutes and think about the role that sustainable thinking and action plays in your everyday life.

For this purpose, use the short self-check here. As a result, you will see whether you are more of a sustainable newcomer, an advanced beginner or already a sustainable expert.

In any case, please, feel invited to contact us and learn together with us!

Our Footprints on the Earth

In just a few minutes you can learn here what a footprint is and how to measure it.

This is important because it creates awareness and empowers us to make informed choices and take action.

Let’s measure our footprints, and get more valuable sustainable tips!

Make a plastic-free wrap!

Beeswax wrap is a pure natural product and an ecological alternative to plastic wrap.

Try it out!

Sustainable Aspects of Lunches

Find out what sustainable things there are to discover around our lunches. We will be focussing primarily on lunches that we pack and prepare ourselves. But of course, the topic of “sustainable lunches” is also informative for restaurant diners and canteen visitors.

Dive into it!