The lunch challenge: What’s on my lunch plate?

A closer look over a lunch table with colleagues shows a great variety. Our packed lunches look as different as our tastes are different. They differ in terms of what’s inside, as well as how they are packed and transported. We start to compare and agree: there is a lot of potential here to talk about sustainable aspects of eating: local and seasonal products and ingredients, plant-based options for lunch or homemade snacks, packaging and reusable containers, producing as little waste as possible. So we quickly come to the point of trying to organise a sustainable lunch together.

Are you ready for the sustainable lunch challenge, too?

The aim: to bring a lunch that is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. Choose your products, packaging and transport carefully and try to avoid waste.
Then share your experiences with us or a photo of the sustainable lunch with the hashtag #SustainableLunchChallenge and try to motivate others to take part too.

In our Lifehack No. 6, you can discover a few things about sustainability at your daily lunch.

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