Learning together for sustainability: The path to the September “Green Kick-Off”

After eight months of learning, now the start of action

Eight months ago, we embarked on a phase of intensive learning together about sustainability. We discussed a lot how to implement first sustainable steps in the project, developed ideas, discarded them, took up new ones and planned for implementation.

Now, after the thought work, we are facing an exciting phase: trying things out and learning together in communities.

To this end, we start with small monthly challenges where we dedicate ourselves to a topic, try out small things, report on them and develop learning nuggets in the form of lifehacks for others and successively publish them on our website and make them accessible to interested parties.

September is our “GREEN KICK-OFF” month.

We invite you to learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), measure your ecological footprint and conduct a personal sustainability self-check.

Dive with us into the topic of “sustainability” and the first steps. Join us and start your journey trying out our learning nuggets at the Lifehacks.

We look forward to seeing you!

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