Reflecting on six months of our sustainability journey

To sum up: We have learned a lot and now we are ready to put it into action!

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The way there was marked by discussions, information, reorientation, reading and learning.

Perhaps it was the scale of the issue, the multitude of possibilities for action and the knowledge of the widespread interest in the issue through various channels that made us hesitant to start in plain action.

We decided to invest time in developing our ideas and exploring what others had already accomplished. Now we know more about sustainability dimensions, the European Green Deal, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable competences and their assessment. In the following timewe will incorporate these concepts into our Lifehacks, serving as microlearning units.

During our journey, we discovered fascinating projects that had already taken steps in the direction we desired. We will compile and disseminate their findings as part of our resource collection. Furthermore, our project -teams initiated experiments and actions, such as embracing plastic-free and environmentally friendly cleaning products, opting for public transportation during business appointments, and even planting a flower meadow in front of their educational institution.

Each country team has set specific goals to pursue in the coming months:

  • the German team aims to make their ERASMUS+ mobility activities greener,
  • our Finnish colleagues are undergoing training to become sustainability teachers
  • the Spanish team is developing a comprehensive handout on “Assessment of Sustainable Competences” for schools
  • the Austrian team is actively seeking simple solutions for creating a greener workplace.

And then there is a new way of working, Working Out Loud (WOL), we are getting familiar with. To report on our work in progress is still unusual, but we enjoy to exchange ideas with others, and learn collectively, even before achieving tangible results. Through open collaboration and knowledge sharing, we gain fresh perspectives, expand our skills, and draw inspiration from each other’s.

The journey ahead remains exciting and challenging, and we invite you to join us on this process.

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