Sustainable event organization and sustainable travel: a major challenge for the project partners

Preparations for the G2VET Multiplier Conference „Empowering Sustainable Futures” in Valladolid (ES)

The image shows an online conference of the project partners from Austria, Finland and Germany planning the programme for the final conference, done in March, 19th, 2024. -own photo-
Online conference of the project partners from AT, DE, ES, FI to plan the programme for the final conference, photo done by Bender, 19.03.2024, design made on canva

In addition to an exciting and engaging program, we as the organizers are committed to ensuring the event is run in a sustainable manner as much as possible. This involves considering not just the venue and event logistics, but also sustainable approaches to contents, materials and workshops.

One aspect that particularly concerns us is sustainable travel preparations. We have been discussing how we will travel to Valladolid for a long time. “Green travel” is a major challenge for an ERASMUS+ partnership dedicated to the topic of “sustainability”.

But what is the best way to travel from the northern Baltic coast of Finland to the north-west of Spain? Even from Austria and Germany, you can’t reach our destination in one day if you want to avoid a flight. But how to best balance the environmental footprint with practical considerations like time, cost, and feasibility?

We have been diligently discussing and planning the travel logistics, and will be sharing our findings and insights in the lead-up to the conference.

We invite you to share with us any helpful tips that will help us out of our decision-making dilemma about the journey, but also in practical terms for sustainable event organisation.

Stay tuned for more updates on the sustainable preparations for the conference, where we will offer to explore topics like the EU Green Competence framework and how to implement sustainability in the classroom and beyond.

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