Make your own #sustainabilitypromise and participate in our challenge!

Example has enormous power, as does sharing different ideas. That’s why we decided within our project to challenge you to tell us what your sustainability promise is! With the challenge, we want to encourage managers, developers, teachers, students, as well as various stakeholders to write their own act of sustainable development and responsibility. The more we say and talk about sustainability, the more real things become!
We will implement this challenge separately at our final conference in Spain next month. We want everyone participating in the event to promise something ecological. To make the promise more binding and visible, we will build a big Tree of Promises from recycled material at the venue. Guests receive clean “leaves” on which they can write their own promise and then attach it to the tree for all to see.


You can participate in our challenge in many ways, e.g.:

1. by writing in the comment field of this blog what is your sustainability promise.
2. by publishing this sentence on your own social media channels supplemented with your own sustainability promise “My Sustainability promise is…” with the hashtags #sustainabilitypromise #g2vet #greentransition “sustainability #sustainabledevelopment.
3. by participating in the making of the Tree of Promises at our final conference or crafting your own Tree of Promises for your workplace and/or educational institution.
4. by crafting your own Tree of Promises for your workplace and/or educational institution and share the results with us.
5. by coming back to us by the end of May and tell us, what about the fulfilment of your promise.

So, what is your sustainability promise?

4 thoughts on “Make your own #sustainabilitypromise and participate in our challenge!

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      My sustainability promise is to think sustainably in the long term and to develop concepts together with my project partners where we explain to others how our materials and results can be used. They will be available on this website and thus continue to have an impact beyond the end of the project. I am also committed to continuing to promote dialogue and learning from each other.

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      I promise to take sustainability into account in the future, both at work and in my free time. I try to influence the consideration of sustainability everywhere and with everyone. I will continue to study the subject and tell others about my own observations, thus spreading information about sustainability. Even small actions are important!

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      My sustainability promise is to ensure that in my everyday life, and particularly at work, I concentrate on the most impactful sustainability measures. I consider those to be the ones that make sustainable options more feasible for many. I also promise to strive for a future where people are not compelled to harm the environment to earn their living. This involves engaging in discussions about the role of work and work organizations in addressing the sustainability crisis and facilitating transitions.

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      “Example has enourmos power” I think so too!
      That is why my sustainability promise is to live the best version of myself. I want to take responsibility for my decisions and live truthfully. I’m sure if I can only inspire one person by my actions it can still chance a lot ♥

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