EARTH HOUR – One hour for the climate and the planet

Earth Hour by sumanley on Pixabay, 2019

This year I’m joining in and turning off the lights from 20:30 – 21:30. This hour is a statement for the earth and climate protection. This is important to me and an hour spend with the family and good conversation is a small action that makes us feel good and is visible.

I registered with WWF Germany’s Hour Bank and saw that 4251 hours had already been donated before me. Is that a lot? I don’t think so.
As well as individuals, cities and companies are also taking part and switching off their lights for the hour. Streets are dark, town halls, landmarks and sights are unlit.

This happens all over the world, this year for the 18th time. EARTH HOUR was initiated by WWF in 2007 in Australia, where bushfires and droughts were making climate change increasingly visible and signs were needed.
Since then, EARTH HOUR has become a global symbol of environmental protection, raising awareness and encouraging people to take action for our planet.
Last year, 410,000 hours were collected for climate action. I’m curious to see if there will be more this year!
Take part: a small action that becomes visible – and represents a common cause. Discover action and education around EARTH HOUR – it’s much more than switching off the lights!

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      It was successful!
      1,473,073 hours have been given: The BIGGEST HOUR FOR THE EARTH
      And it makes me happy to read that most of these hours were used to learn more about the planet: 705,247 hours.
      But in addition, many hours were spent taking concrete action: restoring nature, talking to others about the climate challenges and inspiring them to act – and, 45,401 hours were also spent finding other ways to be effective.

      Will you be taking part in 2025? – Time is already counting.

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