What I take with me from EARTH HOUR 2024

Beekeeping – community, done by akirEVarga, 2019, on Pixabay

I think action days like Earth Hour are valuable opportunities to learn about environmental issues, reflect on our own actions and discuss them together. In this way we can raise awareness of the need to protect our environment. I am pleased to know that environmental organisations are providing interesting ideas and educational materials to support this dialogue. And they encourage and promote commitment to a sustainable future.

Because every action, no matter how small, can make a difference. This is what the HANDPRINT concept stands for. While the Footprint focuses on the harm our actions cause and our responsibilities, the Handprint approach emphasises active efforts to regenerate the environment. It takes a more forward-looking perspective and encourages us to actively create a positive impact on the planet.

This also applies to our vocational learners. In order to develop sustainability competence, we want them to actively contribute to a positive impact on the environment, align themselves with sustainability goals and develop a responsible mindset towards the environment.

For more International Days around climate and environment see also our Lifehack no. 13 “It’s time to act”.

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