Make Art in Nature, about Nature and for Nature!

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for artists. With works of art, you can take a stand on the events of the world around you and describe the phenomena of your own time. With art, you can also speak for nature and express your own feelings (e.g. joy, peace, sadness, anxiety).

Environmental art is art made in the built cultural environment or natural environment. An environmental artwork can also be an act, an event, or a process.

Nature Mandala

In this exercise, earth art is created by utilizing the earth’s surface. Land art uses on-site natural materials. Find material in nature (branches, cones, flowers, leaves, stones, etc.) and use them to make a framed work of art on a flat surface. Take a photo of the finished work and share it with others #landart #earthworks

Nature Mandala, created by 7-year old Viola Yli-Tokola. Photo: Tanja Yli-Tokola

Where Do I Feel Nature in Me?

This task looks at different emotions related to nature, both negative and positive. Take a paper and crayons. Draw two human figures on paper.. Close your eyes and imagine or think of a situation where you felt sad or anxious for nature. Where in your body did you feel it? Did you feel it in just one place or in several places? What color was this feeling? Open your eyes, draw, and color these feelings into the first body. When you’re done, close your eyes again and think about a situation where you experienced joy and happiness in nature or for nature – how did it feel and what color was this feeling? Draw and Color these feelings on another body. You can also write words on the drawing if you want.

    Poem of Nature

    This time you write a poem! Either go in your mind to your favorite place in nature or, if possible, go outside in nature during the exercise. Look around you and choose an element of nature (plant, animal, natural force…) as the main character of your poem. Then complete this two-stanza poem base. You can also do the poem as a pair task outside in nature. Your friend closes his / her eyes, and you lead him / her by the hand to the place of your choice in the bosom of nature. When you arrive at the location of your choice, your partner can open their eyes and create a poem from the location of your choice.

    The exercise was designed by Tiina Taipale, SYKLI

    I am…
    I see…
    I wonder…
    I want…

    I am…
    I present…
    I feel…
    I am….


    For this exercise, you can use many different art forms (pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, markers, pictures cut out of magazines, etc.). The topic of the work can be, for example, “How has man affected nature?” or “How does nature affect me?” Paint, draw and glue the collage on strong paper or cardboard. If possible, use recycled material.

    Texts in the picture:
    “Kuuletsä? / Don´t you hear me?”
    “Maistiaiset / Tastings”

    Collage created by Tanja Yli-Tokola “Don´t you hear me?”

    Lego Demonstration

    You can influence with art. In the last task, the Lego characters organize a demonstration! You can also use other toy figures, barbies or, for example, stuffed animals. Think of a theme or topic that these characters would like to influence. Make small protest signs for them, place them in a suitable place and take a picture to share with others.

    Lego demonstration created by Tanja Yli-Tokola “Less is more except in nature!”

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        There is hardly a more relaxing moment for me than expressing my mood in nature with natural means, completely forgetting myself. Then a deep sense of contentment spreads through me. This is a very personal reason why we should appreciate nature and communicate its value to others.

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