A life almost without waste?

Bild von StockSnap auf Pixabay

A great thought, because last Friday it was that time again: weekend grocery shopping. Admittedly, this is always a question of time and so the route usually leads to the supermarket round the corner.

The shopping trolley is quickly filled and then it’s time to unpack and store at home. These are always the moments when I start thinking about the amount of packing material that will accumulate over the next few days.
Well, we have at least made some progress this week: only unpackaged fruit and vegetables have ended up in the basket, which will find their way onto our plates in the coming days. A very small success.
But let’s be honest: can you imagine reducing your packaging material and waste to almost zero? That’s what the “ZERO WASTE” concept is all about and the circular economy has to do with it.

Take a look at our Lifehack No. 10, which goes around this topic and tell us about your experiences with that …

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